January 2017  
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Welcome to Discovery School

Tennessee Reward School 4 years in a row (2012-2015)
for Achievement and Growth
and a 2012 National Blue Ribbon School

A Top TN Elementary School


Our faculty and staff are extremely excited about the opportunity to work in such a creative environment. We want parents to know that we desire to work together with them to provide the best possible learning experiences for our high-achievers. By working together, we expect wonderful things.

Visit our site often to view class websites, read the latest school news, see what’s for lunch, and check out resources for parents and students.  We’re looking forward to “Exploring our World” with you this year!

The Discovery School vision is built around six pillars, the first of which is to challenge students academically. Teachers are encouraged to incorporate higher order thinking skills, problem solving, research and application.  The second pillar states that staff will recognize and provide programing for socio-emotional needs.  The third pillar emphasizes that our students need to learn how to learn, which includes note taking and summarizing.  On the fourth pillar we recognize that our students need to have opportunities to be globally connected.  The fifth pillar identifies our parents as very important members of our learning team.  The sixth pillar calls on our school staff to be innovative and collaborative as they embrace effective practice.  All staff members are expected to exhibit a commitment to excellence in education.
1. Is Discovery School a private or public school?
Discovery School is a public school and part of Murfreesboro City Schools.

2. How is Discovery School different from other schools?
Discovery School was created to serve high achieving students.  Students quickly learn the basics and then move deeper into the curriculum.  Students also enjoy enrichment activities and use school provided iPads in K - 1st grades and laptops in 2nd - 6th grades to enhance their learning experience.  In addition, students are offered unique opportunities for learning through our partnership with MTSU, through differentiation and compacting as part of the Renzulli model, through guest speakers, and by being provided unique opportunities to enrich their learning through events such as the BEST Robotics Competition and the Partner School Science Program in 6th grade, which allows students the option to attend International Space Camp in Turkey in the summer.

3. Could you describe the admissions process?
Interested parents fill out an application that is available through Murfreesboro City Schools, Discovery School and is available for download here.  Students are scheduled for testing.  Test results are put on a matrix.  Students scoring above the cutoff are offered a spot at The Discovery School.

4. What is the curriculum like?
We use the mandated Tennessee state curriculum.  The curriculum is greatly enhanced by extending and enriching activities.

5. How long has the school been in operation?
Discovery School was founded in 2005.

6. If one of my children is accepted, will my younger child also be accepted?
We do not have a sibling policy.  Each child must be admitted on their own merit.

7. What happens if my child attends Discovery School and just isn’t happy?
Your child would transfer to your zoned school.

8. Do you provide transportation?
Students are picked up at pick-up points in the morning.  They are dropped off at their home in the afternoon.

9. Are parents welcome in the building?

Of course!  Parents come for lunch, visit classrooms, and volunteer when needed.  Parents are encouraged to take an active roll.  We have an amazing PTA!

10. Do you use technology in the classrooms?    
Yes.  Kindergarten and 1st grade have access to iPads with one iPad for every two students. 2nd grade through 6th grade students are equipped with one laptop for every two students.  Laptops are used for research, test review, and projects.  Every classroom is outfitted with Qomo Boards and all teachers have access to document cameras.  We have a mobile laptop cart and a class set of iPads on a cart; in addition, every teacher has between one and five iPads for daily use.

The Discovery School 2017-2018 application deadline has passed. Please check back next December when the application process opens up again.