Enrichment Clusters
Discovery School is proud to offer enrichment clusters each year.  Enrichment clusters allow students to dig deeper into a topic of interest.  How does it work?

Enrichment clusters allow groups of students who share a common interest to come together each week during specially designated time blocks to produce a product, performance, or targeted service based on that common interest.  Our library contains copies of Enrichment Clusters A Practical Plan for Real-World, Student-Driven Learning, allowing teachers access to a great planning tool. 

Our current cluster time is Monday 2:00-3:00.  By having a designated cluster time, all students have a chance to participate and still keep their academic time.  In clusters, students make us of relevant knowledge and apply their thinking skills to common problems identified by the group.

Ask your child about their specific enrichment cluster!  We have some great things happening!

Still want more information?  Visit Enrichment Clusters.