Daniel Parkhurst, SSEO

Dear Parents,

                  As Discovery School’s School Safety and Education Officer, I am dedicated to keeping our students safe and enforcing applicable laws on school grounds. Please read the reminders below, and feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

  • Handicap Parking spaces are reserved ONLY for vehicles bearing a Handicap Parking License Plate or Hang-Tag. These spaces are not to be utilized by anyone else for any reason, and pursuant to T.C.A. 55-21-108 violators will be issued a citation.
  • Vehicles will travel slowly and with due regard on school grounds. Children may run out between vehicles or into the travel lane unexpectedly, and drivers should be watchful and drive slowly at/around the school.
  • The speed limit will be 15MPH for about an hour (roughly 7:35am to 8:35am, and again from 2:50pm to 3:50pm), so plan accordingly. Remember, the crossing/traffic guards are not there to make you late, they are there to keep YOUR children safe. Please treat them with the same respect you wish to receive.
  • Child Safety Seats are not a suggestion, they are required by State law. Per T.C.A. 55-9-602, children of certain ages/heights are required to use either a Child Passenger Restraint System (ages 0-3) or a Booster Seat (ages 4-8, or under 4’9”). Seatbelts are encouraged for all occupants of a vehicle.
  • Murfreesboro does have a Noise Ordinance that prohibits unnecessary noise (i.e. loud music) around schools. When on school grounds, please be respectful and turn down your music. During arrival and dismissal times, loud music can prevent school staff and fellow drivers from being able to communicate clearly with one another. This poses a safety hazard to our children. During instruction time, loud music can be heard (sometimes felt) within the classrooms and distracts students from their lessons.
  • Being courteous and respectful to other drivers will ensure that traffic continues to flow smoothly and quickly and that everyone arrives at their destination safely.

The staff at Discovery School, including myself, are here to ensure that our children have a safe and secure school within which they can focus on learning. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at 615-785-8217 or 0446@murfreesborotn.gov.

Thank You!

S.S.E.O. Parkhurst