Melissa Carnes

Welcome to 5th Grade!


Reading-100 minutes of outside minutes a week
 Please make sure you get your reading log signed by a parent.
             100 minutes =96% and 150 minutes=100%. 
               The 40 minutes of Lexia that is due each
              week can be included  with reading minutes.

             Your monthly book project for January is nonfiction.
             Finish your flipbook by tomorrow.

Writing-   We are working on an informational writing over President Bush.
                  Your planning is due by tomorrow.

Math-   2 completed lessons on IReady and 45 minutes.
           Please know that your child can turn graded work back in to Mrs. Heckert that has been corrected for 1/2 the points back!
            You have family fluency due Friday.
Social Studies- We took notes on Westward Expansion and The Gilded Ages today.
                          We played the Oregon Trail.

-Please look at your child's agenda. Heckert's and Young's need signed nightly!

STEM Night is December 11th from 5:30-6:30.
The Discovery School Information meeting is December 13th at 6:00.
We have a full day, as our last day before Winter Break, on December 19th.
Students will return to school on January 8th.