Melissa Carnes

Welcome to 5th Grade!


Reading-100 minutes of outside minutes a week
 Please make sure you get your reading log signed by a parent.
             100 minutes =96% and 150 minutes=100%.  The 40 minutes of Lexia that is due each
              week can be included  with reading minutes.

             Your monthly book project is due September 28th. Don't forget!
             The Quizlet code for the year is CYoung62. (fyi)

Writing- We are working on a leadership essay at school!
            Some of us still have not turned in our personal narrative papers from BEFORE LBL :(.
            They will not be accepted after tomorrow!

Math-  Your weekly fluency is due this Friday.
           2 completed lessons on IReady and 45 minutes.
           Please know that your child can turn graded work back in to Mrs. Heckert
           that has been corrected for 1/2 the points back!

We worked on the powers of 10 today.

Science: x

Social Studies- You need to finish the sheet for pages 14-22 from our ss book. It is glued in 
 your ss notebook.  Only use your ss book for answers. This is due tomorrow.

-Please look at your child's agenda. Heckert's and Young's need signed nightly!


The Fall Festival is October 12th.
Please return your Fall Festival Band money and permission slip ASAP!

  Fall pictures are October 16th.