Bess Turner

Mrs. Bess Turner
6th Grade


A Few Facts About Mrs.T:

  • I've taught for 15 years 3rd, 4th, & 6th
  • I don't like sweet tea
  • I love the Lord
  • I have two sons who attend DS and a wonderful husband, Bryan
  • Dog lover and owner of two doodles: Leo 9yr old cavadoodle & Scout new labradoodle puppy and runt of his litter
  • I'm an artist who loves sharing my creativity with everyone
  • I worked at the first girls camp in North America. Northway in Ontario Canada
  • I worked as a camp counselor for middle school girls at Pine Forrest Camp in Greeley, PA
  • I'm from Murfreesboro but I was born in Georgia
  • I have one sister
  • I attended MTSU and have my bachelors and masters degrees
  • I worked at Northfield Elementary before Discovery School
  • My favorite color is green
  • I LOVE washi tape and use it every day
  • I love listening to books on audible
  • I enjoy suspense, mystery, and crime thrillers
  • I prefer college football over pro and bleed orange
  • I'm a tech junkie
  • I want to be an undercover agent in my next life
  • I prefer salty to sweet or a mix
  • Anthropologie is my favorite shop
  • I LOVE to dress up and show my creativity through my style
  • I used to be a makeup artist and had my own line of cosmetics 
  • Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons
  • I go to Cape San Blas every year to enjoy the beach, fishing, and family
  • I drive a truck after years of wanting one to haul all my art projects & materials
  • I prefer to read nonfiction
  • I turn 40 this school year (Mar.9th... FYI;)