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The Discovery School is a kindergarten through sixth grade school for high achievers.  It first opened its doors in August of 2005. The school is in the Bellwood building, located on Middle Tennessee Blvd.  Students must apply and qualify on an admissions test to attend the school.  The school does not have a “set” zone other than requiring city residence. 

Part of our history of success comes from having a community of support for education from all stakeholders. The teachers work closely with the families, the support staff, and the administration to ensure that we achieve our mission and vision of learning for students.  We have a strong STEAM program that enriches and excels the learning experience.  We involve our community and partners to create real-world learning opportunities that expose our students to their world beyond the typical learning. 

Discovery School has a culture that is considerate and compassionate to the work of educators and students.  Teachers, students, and families share a mutual respect and know the power of having a campus that is united, working together to achieve excellence in the education of our students.  It is a unique and special campus that embodies a passion for learning.