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Arrival / Dismissal Procedures

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

 It is vital for everyone’s safety that you share these procedures with anyone who will be driving your child. We know that drop-off and pick-up times can be stressful for everyone. Our ultimate goal is the safety of everyone involved, and we thank you in advance for your understanding and your patience.

●      Drop-off begins at 7:30 a.m

●      There are two arrival/dismissal lanes in the front parking lot and one in the back parking lot.

●      For the children’s safety, DO NOT pull around the car in front of you to depart drop-off or pickup. 

●      Your children must be ready when the whistle blows and exit their vehicle quickly.

●      Cars may NOT line up on Middle Tennessee Blvd. waiting to enter the school.  For that reason, we ask you to approach the school from the north or the east.     

●      Woodmore Dr. should not be utilized for ANY drop-offs for 3rd-6th or K-2nd. For example, you should not use Woodmore to enter the 3rd-6th lines, you should not drop K-2nd students off on Woodmore and expect them to walk to the front of the school, nor should you stop at the Woodmore stop sign to enter the drop-off car line. 

●      2:15 is the cutoff for picking up a child in the school office for dismissal.  If you are picking your child up in the office, please park in the front lot.

●      WALKERS:  Only children who live within a mile of the school may be certified as “walkers.” You may not park and walk up to the building to pick up a child at the walker entrance who has not been certified in the school office as a walker.

●      Older siblings will go to the younger sibling’s place of dismissal.  We may make adjustments with siblings after we see the numbers in each of our drop-off points. 



K, 1st, & 2nd Grades FRONT LOT

Arrival:  This will be in front of the school (facing Middle Tennessee Blvd.).  Cars may not line up on Middle Tennessee Blvd.  Line up to the north on Houston (not on Woodmore) so that you will be turning RIGHT into the school parking lot. This may necessitate approaching the school from the north or east.  Please be courteous to our neighbors - DO NOT BLOCK INTERSECTIONS OR DRIVEWAYS. For drop-off, DO NOT ENTER THE LOT until 7:30.  When directed, pull into the lot, forming two lines along the front sidewalk, pulling forward to the speed bump in front of the gym or nearest car. Every car that stops prematurely to drop off a child causes a delay for the entire line.  Take note of the drop-off instructions above for your child’s safety.

NOTE: No vehicle will move, nor will any child exit the vehicle until directed by the adult.,

Dismissal:  Enter the lot forming two lines by following the arrows for your lane. Pull forward until you reach the end of the lane, marked by a white pavement line. Post your child’s dismissal sign in your front window. DO NOT BLOCK THE ENTRANCE TO THE PARKING LOT.  The children will line up and walk the line of cars, led by a teacher.

Note: The RIGHT lane will be right turn ONLY leaving the lot (headed towards Church St.).  The LEFT lane will be a left or right turn leaving the lot per traffic director seeing a blinker and permitting (blinkers are a must).  Please get into the correct lane – you will NOT be able to change lanes. The lanes will drive out of the lot simultaneously. IF YOUR CHILD DOES NOT COME OUT READY TO LOAD FOR ANY REASON, YOU MUST PULL INTO A PARKING SPOT AND AN ADULT WILL ACCOMPANY YOUR CHILD TO YOU.


3rd, 4th, 5th, & 6th Grades

Line up southbound on Walton. The line for both pickup and dropoff should begin at the stop sign at the intersection of Walton and Woodmore. The line will continue north on Walton, to the west on Tremont, and then to the south on Kirkwood, if necessary. (PLEASE REMEMBER NOT TO BLOCK INTERSECTIONS OR DRIVEWAYS).

ARRIVAL: Beginning at 7:30 a.m. drive straight across Woodmore into the rear lot of the school on the right side of the lot.  Pull all the way forward to drop off your child – every car that stops prematurely is a delay to the entire line. As you exit the lot, remember to stop at the stop sign at the exit to the right, then continue straight onto Walton for departures to the north (when you reach Tremont, turn right on Tremont then left on Houston to head to Church Street OR turn left onto Tremont to head north towards Church on Kirkwood). To depart towards Middle Tennessee Blvd., continue straight onto Walton, right on Tremont, and right again on Houston. Because drop-off traffic will be flowing across Woodmore, any cars that attempt to turn left onto Woodmore out of the lot when the line is present will create delay. For efficiency’s sake, please utilize the straight ahead and right turn options instead when the line is present.  When families follow this format, our process is very smooth.  Please help us make the arrival and pickup as smooth and safe as possible.  It will save your time and be efficient, even with the “extra” turns.

DISMISSAL: Beginning at 2:45 p.m., drive straight across Woodmore into the parking lot, pulling all the way forward to the stop sign at the exit of the lot. Remember not to pull around the car in front of you once your child is in your car. Wait for all cars in front of you to go before you proceed. Continue out of the lot following the departure instructions in the drop-off section above.

Dr. Kristina Maddux