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Discovery School Houses

This unique concept comes from the Ron Clark Academy. Several DS teachers have visited this school and have seen firsthand how powerful Houses can be in a school environment. It helps promote leadership, community, character, positive behavior, teamwork, and so much more.

There are four Houses at Discovery School. At the beginning of a student's first year at DS they blindly select a color and are placed in the House that matches the color. This becomes the House the student is part of throughout their school years at Discovery School.

House MOED

House Moed

House MOED is the red house that represents courage. As courageous explorers, we will always be strong and face our challenges with pride. A lion is our mascot because this animal is known for leadership, courage, and strength.


Stoyko House

House STOYKO is the blue house that represents perseverance. An an explorer who perseveres, we will always work through challenges with a positive disposition. An Emperor penguin is our mascot because this animal is known for not giving up until they find success.

House IBA

Iba House

House IBA is the black house that represents compassion. As compassionate explorers, we will always be kind and look for ways we can help others. An elephant is our mascot because this animal is known for taking great care of one another.


Curieux House

House CURIEUX is the green house that represents curiosity. As curious explorers, we will always seek to understand new ideas. The Spider monkey is our mascot because this animal is know for always being eager to know more.